Wholesale K2 spray

odorless and colorless Wholesale K2 spray available for sale.


Wholesale K2 spray for your drug store or keep in bulk

Wholesale K2 spray. It is the best way to go for if you want to have less prices or want to have a whole stock of bulk K2 spray. This will allow you to go worry free, as our Wholesale K2 spray doesn’t expire for a long time. We make sure that our bulk K2 spray has a shelf life of up to at least a year. So our clients do not lose their investments or money. We make sure the bulk K2 spray we prepare has ingredients which allow it to be kept at any temperature for a long time.

Ordinary our old and new both clients who use our k2 spray on regular basis have reported us with huge mind-set improving and strain alleviating impacts. Albeit these sprays are somewhat new. The greater part of their advantages have proactively been capable by huge number of individuals. Because of its a lot of benefits our clients order bulk K2 spray instead of buying individually.

Online bulk orders with delivery worldwide

We are a proud online store and probably the only store which guarantees discrete delivery worldwide with fast shipping. Our store in almost all countries who are responsible for clients in their area so instead of shipping it from one point. We have a lot of contacts and labs which build the Wholesale K2 spray and deliver it to our clients in their desired destination areas.

One you try our Wholesale K2 spray you will understand how much money you are saving compared to individual buying from different store. And also the quality and product would be 100% same every time you would order because we have specific set of instructions. Which we follow while manufacturing Wholesale K2 spray. You can buy other vapes like dmt carts. More about it is illustrated here.

Bottle Size

300 mL=10.1442 fluid oz, 600 mL=20.2884 fluid oz, 1000mL=33.814 fluid oz

Incense Spray Type

Bizzaro, Black Diamond, 7H Hawaiian Punch, Cannabinoid, Cloud 9, Diablo, K2, eliquid, Klimax, Kratom, Kush, Green Blossom, Mad Hatter, Mr. Nice Guy, Pink Blossom, AK-47, Angry Birds, Aloha, Atomic, Apocalypse, Black Diamond, Brain Freeze, Caution Blue, Green Giant, Incredible Hulk, Mix

Bottles For Packaging

5 mL bottles, 10 mL bottles, 100 mL bottles

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