Kush spray for sale

Kush spray for sale

$120 USD for 25mL of potent and strong K2 spice spray liquid.

$120.00 $150.00

Kush spray for sale is now at your fingertips

Kush spray is known for its strong drug qualities. This kush spray for sale near me is no ordinary spray but it also contains compounds of k2 in it. A normal kush spray for weed is less strong than the kush k2 spray for sale which we are offering. Our Kush K2 spray is a mixture of Kush K2 and og Kush spray thus giving it much better aroma and results to our clients.

OG Spray for Weed and how to use it

You can utilize OG Kush spray in two ways:

You can spray OG kush spray straight over your natural mix.

You can spray kush spray for sale tasty puff straight over the cigarette. Keep the spray few inches away from the joint or the cigarette.

The liquor base keeps your cigarette from getting wet

OG Kush is extraordinary among other certifiable terpenes that you can find.

The presence of linalool, pinene, and humulene in OG Kush Terpenes keeps you free and works essentially on your temperament.

OG Kush has dynamic caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene which further develop influences with your spices smoking experience.

Each container would contain 5ml of OG Kush spray

Where can I buy Kush spray for sale?

Once you use our kush spray online, you will see kush spray before and after difference in your weed or cigarettes. It will give your drugs or weed such aromatic smell that you would want to keep using it. A normal kush spray just has aroma but this kush k2 spray has both aroma and flavor and also the substances of k2 which gives you a unique flavor in your weed and make your weed 10 times stronger than it was. You can upgrade yourself with this best quality kush k2 spray and feel the difference in your life.