Will I get in trouble with the customs/police?

We ensure ours and your security. Of course, you will not get any trouble.

We can guarantee this because of two reasons.

Bypassing Customers

We are bypassing the customs of every country. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you anything about how we achieve this since it wouldn’t be working anymore if we would tell it, everybody.

Stealth Shipping

 We are shipping stealth. This means that we are going to hide the drugs inside the secret gadgets and packing. We ensure safety or packing by using multiple testing methods. We can guarantee this because we have our drug dogs and X-ray. If our dogs and X-ray don’t find it, then customs dogs and X-rays won’t find it either.

We can’t tell you anything how our packing look like, because police could ask us too and it will help them to find the packing.

It doesn’t matter if you send your proposal address or someone else.

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