Our Accepted Payment Methods

We accept only the following payment methods:

  1. Instant payment verification
  2. No extra fee will be charged
  3. Bit-Coins can be bought by using other payment methods like credit card or PayPal
  4. Please refer to this article on how to order with Bitcoins
  1. Cash App is a mobile payment service
  2. Transfer money Mobile phone app.
  3. As of Feb, 2018, 7 million active users.
  1. easy to send and receive
  2. person-to-person payments
  3. payment security measures
  4. Over 100 million consumers
  1. No extra fee will be charged
  2. Minimum order amount of $100
  3. Instant Payment verification
  4. You can use your credit card to pay us using westernunion.com or moneygram.com
  5. Refer to this article on how to pay using Western Union or Moneygram

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