I Haven’t Received My Order yet

There are the following possible reasons why you have not received your order.

Bit-Coin paid orders:

Make sure you have sent the fund to the correct Bit-Coin address. In the order summary email, you received just after placing your order to find the Bit-Coin to.
Make sure you sent the correct amount. This is a common issue. In the order summary email you received just after placing your order you will find the amount in BTC you have to pay.
Often, customers are typing in the amount in $/€ instead of Bitcoin, which is wrong.
The exchange rate for one Bitcoin is constantly changing. That’s why our shop will calculate an amount in Bitcoin at the time you place your order.
Also, our shop is very autonomous: Once you paid the amount calculated by the shop it will automatically mark your order as paid and we are processing your order.
Go to blockchain.info and paste the Bitcoin address you received via email.
You will see a “Total Received”-Amount. This has to be equal to the amount you received via email.
Make sure you paid the invoice within 24 hours.

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